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We are the professional experts on warehousing, logistics and supply chain management.

Dr.Navneet Kumar Arora is Expert & Agricultural advisor, Business Advisor

Our lead Dr.Navneet Kumar Arora is an Expert & Agricultural advisor, Business Advisor Warehousing,Logistics & SCM,Entomologist.

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Our Professional Expertise & strength

Our lead  Dr.Navneet Kumar Arora is :-

Expert & Agricultural advisor,Business Advisor,Warehousing,Logistics & SCM, Entomologist, environmental biologist, Pesticide Residue Analyst.

Expert in Business Development, Quality control, Grading and categorization, Market survey analyst of different markets in India.

Insurance expert in dealing with all risk management.

Warehousing risk analysis expert.

Cold chain and infrastructure expert.

Container freight stations and market terminal expert.

Logistics parks expert.

Silos expert.

Collateral management expert,

Company matters legal expertise,


Non banking and WR Financing,


Custom and excise matters.



E-commerce expert.

Our lead Dr Arora's past and present experience/ expertise:-

Director in WDRA. 

Advisor to govt and private cos.for warehousing matters.

Director of commodity repository.

GM (Adm ),GM(FIN)/ GM(Business),of Warehousing in Maharashtra.

Jt. MD and Dy.MD of Warehousing in Maharashtra.

Secretary to Board of Warehousing in Maharashtra.

CMD in 2010 Warehousing in Maharashtra.

Worked in CWC and Formulated Code of Storage practices of  more than 200 commodities.

M.Sc. with specialization in Entomology in First Class , Ph.D. (Environmental  Sciences).

Additional M.Sc. Course SSAC (205 Ag. Chemicals) from IARI, New Delhi.

Post Graduation Diploma Company Secretary (Silver medalist) from Pune University.

Gold Medalist in 52nd All India Warehousing.

We have been Advisor/consultant to many Govt and private  companies due to expertise in the business activities of Agriculture, imports and exports, Silos storage, cold storage, controlled atmospheric temperature storage, supply chain management, 3 PL, industrial warehousing, e-commerce, e-NAM, commodity derivatives, collateral management, warehouse receipt financing, and general Warehousing pan across India. 

We have captured big business in the market and percolated the business as per the requirement of the clients as per the market potential.

Business advisor and Expert of warehousing and Agricultural activities

Our expertise in Agriculture & Warehousing well known in India 

Our good network connection of senior Secretary/Jt.Secy. and Director level officers  in central Govt. and states.

A good network and relationships with all big warehousing industries owners and experts by frequent professional & business interactions 

Delivery of presentations on various National / International forum; draft documents made in finalizing policies of the Act & Rules of WDRA.

Expert in Business Development, Quality control,Grading and Categorisation, Market survey analyst of different market in India.

Insurance expert in dealing with all risk management.

Warehousing risk analysis expert.

Cold chain and infrastructure expert. 

Container freight stations and terminal expert.

Logistics parks expert. 

 Silos expert. 

Collateral management, company matters legal expertise.

Non banking and WR Financing. 

Custom and excise matters.

 GST matters 

 SCM,  3PL,  E-commerce.

 Agri bazar,  e-NAM                                                                                                                                                                     


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