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Expertise and professional experience

Our lead Dr.Navneet Kumar Arora is an Expert & Agricultural advisor, Business Advisor in Warehousing ,Logistics & SCM,Entomologist, environmental biologist,Pesticide Residue Analyst. Expert in Business Development, Quality control, Grading and categorization,Market survey analyst as done of different markets in India.Insurance expert in dealing with all risk management. Warehousing risk analysis expert Cold chain and infrastructure expert Container freight stations and market terminal expert,Logistics parks expert, Silos expert,Collateral management expert,Company matters legal expertise,Non banking and WR Financing, Custom and excise matters,SCM,3PL,E-commerce expert. He was Director in WDRA,and  Advisor to govt and private cos. for warehousing matters and presently Director in the Board of a commodity related co. # worked as GM (Adm ) GM(FIN) GM(Business Dev) Jt.MD and Dy MD in warehousing in Maharashtra.He had been Secretary to the Board also.He also has Worked as CMD in 2010. Worked in   CWC and had formulated Code of Storage practices of more than 200,commodities.
He has done his M.Sc. (Zoology) Entomology in First Class ,Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences).Additional M.Sc. Course SSAC (205) Ag. Chemicals from IARI, New Delhi.He has done PG Diploma in Company Secretary(Silver medalist) from Pune University. He is Gold Medalist in All India Warehousing.
Dr Arora is doing Advisory/consultancy work for us  due to  expertise in the business activities of Agriculture, imports and exports, Silos storage, cold storage, controlled atmospheric temperature storage,supply chain management, 3 PL, Industrial warehousing, e-commerce, e-NAM, commodity derivatives, collateral management,warehouse receipt financing, and general Warehousing pan across India. In a short span of two years, we have been able to capture the big business in the market and percolated the business as per the requirement of the clients as per the market potential.

-  We are the business advisor and Expert of warehousing and Agricultural activities  

-  Our expertise in Agriculture & Warehousing is well known all over India

-  A good network connection of senior Secretary/Jt.Secy. and Director level officers  in central Govt. and states.

-    A good network and relationships with all big warehousing industries owners and experts by frequent professional & business interactions

-  Delivery of the presentation on various National/International forum

-  Framed draft documents in finalizing policies of the Act & Rules of WDRA

-  Expert in Business Development, Quality control, Grading and categorization

-  Market survey analyst as done of different markets in India.

-  Insurance expert in dealing with all risk management

-  Warehousing risk analysis expert

-  Cold chain and infrastructure expert

-  Container freight stations and terminal expert

-  Logistics parks expert

-  Silos expert

- Collateral management,

- Company matters legal expertise,

- Non banking and WR Financing

- Custom and excise matters

- GST matters

- SCM,3PL,E-commerce,

- Agri bazar,E- nam


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1.Sale and purchase of Warehouses.

As we have a very big data bank available with us about all the addresses and contacts no. of all the warehouses,warehouse service provider,logistic service provider,freight forwarders and all the warehouse users in whole India,it is very easy for us to make available the godowns and warehouses for sale and purchase both at reasonable and economically viable for purchaser and will also be a beneficial proposal for seller also.  We can also arrange to sell the warehouses which are incurring losses but the same can be put to profit making warehouses by the owner himself or if he sells it then also we can get the same warehouse profitable warehouse.


2 Arranging business clients for warehousing cos.

If a warehouse has been incurring loss on account of his warehouse continuously for the last many years then we assure you that we are the doctors for making the health of the such warehouses in not only good condition but we can make the warehouse in a continuously profit making warehouses forever.


3.Making available storage space anywhere in India as per the requirement.

We have experienced that sometimes the warehouse or the storage space is not available in a particular location or in a particular season due to rush of stocks,then in such circumstances we are the experienced and expert professional who can solve the problem within no time and arrange for all such warehouse space required and also at a desired location, come what so ever, because we have the secrets of such locations due to our knowledge about each and every godown and warehouse anywhere in India.


4 Business,Marketing,Quality control,Insurance and data based studies of different warehousing projects.

We can make the project reports for running a warehouse in economically viable condition,for which we take the help of available up to-date business data, market feasibility study, market forces, variation in commodity prices due to international and national market of different commodities.AS we have such a huge data bank available and we have been continuously generating data on timeline basis ,our business analysis on warehousing comes 100% accurate as we also give equal importance to quality control measures and insurance issues and take them very seriously and we do not leave any chance of getting even a one gram of the commodity which is brought by the depositor with a sprit of TRUST and we are bound to keep his trust. Because our main motto is to build the trust continuously and then maintain the same over the years and strengthening the trust bonds. And these trust bonds can be be made strong only if we give full devotion to all matters of safe storage and returning the stocks in the same condition in which it was received.


5.Business surveys of warehouses.

We conduct the business survey for either opening a new warehouse or for finding out the further avenues and future scope of already a running warehouse either for expansion purpose or for increasing the existing business of a particular warehouse, for which we generate data on existing size of the business, its turnover on daily, weekly, monthly, and on seasonal basis, besides market fluctuation, no. and size of market players, existing nos.and capacity of warehouses their strength and weakness, their productivity their trust building magnet forces, mode of transportation available, infrastructure facility such as roads, light, fire stations, local consumption market and its consumption pattern and its variation studies along with many other socioeconomic and psychological studies for determining the suitability and to meet fit and proper condition.


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Expertise and experience

1.  A good network and relationships with all big warehousing industries owners and experts by frequent professional & business interactions  

2. Making project reports,by analysing economic and market feasibility and viability 

3. Expertise in logistic solutions

4 Insurance advisory 

5. Expertise in risk management 

6 Modern and highly latest technology of storage and marketing surpluses.

7 Fraud and forensic investigations expertise at micro and macro level. 

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